Human Resources

The Human Resources Department manages all staff-related affairs including recruitment, training and development, and setting job descriptions.  It also attracts qualified human capital in required sectors, improves internal procedures, and leads the performance evaluation process to maximize staff competency.  These activities reflect positively on the company’s overall performance and contribute to achieving strategic goals. 

Marketing & Public Relationship

The Marketing Department contributes to enhancing the company’s initiatives on various levels. On a strategic level, the department focuses on positioning QRE as a leading real estate company in UAE and the region, as well as promoting the company’s new identity. It also coordinates with relevant departments within the company to market their projects so as to raise occupancy rates. It also runs marketing and promotional campaigns in the shopping malls under its management as part of the after-rent services offered to clients.



The Financial Department sets budgets and compares them to actual results on a quarterly basis. In addition, the department prepares periodical reports, real estate budgets, and the annual financial results according to international industry standards.


The Legal Department, as the legal representative of QRE, is in charge of providing legal consultations to all other departments, drafting contracts, and following up on QRE’s legal issues. It also updates the company’s departments with relevant public rules amendments in the UAE, reviews and edits the company’s official correspondence, and contributes to the amendments of the company’s internal rules and regulations



The main role of the Investment Department is to seek local and regional growth opportunities for the company’s resources, through identifying attractive real estate markets and sectors based on sector-focused research and reports. The department is also involved in sourcing out the best opportunities for purchase and sale of properties.