Welcome to Al Qasr Real Estate

Since its inception AlQasr has implemented a balanced investment strategy aiming to achieve profit while following stringent guidelines of hedging and risk management for its investments and projects. Such a strategy enabled QRE to maintain satisfying growth rates in its returns, investments, and assets under management, and shielded the company from the many market crises and cycles,
In 2016, QRE unveiled its new identity reflecting the new generation of its projects, vision, strategies, and objectives. Through this new identify, QRE once again proved its dynamic, ambitious, and flexible business model, as well as its ability to meet market changes.

Our Mission

To develop long-term real estate investment strategies based on solid fundamentals.

To execute operational income-generating real estate projects with high quality and low risk.

To achieve consistent growth rates, returns, and cash flows.

To meet real estate market demands and follow industry’s latest trends

Our Values

Social Responsibility
We value our community and demonstrate our commitment to its well being by developing leisure projects to cater to various audiences. We consider the environmental aspects in designing and developing environment-friendly projects.
We encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in developing our projects with a contemporary vision, while offering value-added services and benefits.
We work in harmony, appreciating each team member’s role, execute our projects with collaboration, and take mutual pride in our success.

Real value

We are in business to create and deliver real value for clients, owners and our own people in a complex world that is constantly changing.

Al-Qasr Real Estate is a Management and professional services firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate services and investment management. Our more than 10,000 people in all the emirates serve the local, regional and global real estate needs of those clients, growing our company in the process.

In response to changing client expectations and market conditions, we assemble teams of experts who deliver integrated real estate services built on insight and foresight, sound market research and relevant knowledge. We attract, develop and reward the best, and most diverse, people in our industry, challenging them to develop enduring client relationships built on quality service, collaboration and trust.​

Across the UAE, Al-Qasr Real Estate is a leading player in the real estate market and Management services market. The firm has worked in the 7 Emirates and has advised clients of real estate, Management and Services. ALQasr employs over 50 internationally qualified professionals embracing 15 different nationalities across its offices in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Combined with neighboring offices in other locations.


Our Vision

To develop high quality projects adding value to the UAE market and enhancing the architectural and cultural identity of UAE and the region by encouraging creativity and innovation, while executing them in cooperation with the top calibers in this realm

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